Is A Monette Trumpet Worth The Price?

Monette trumpetThe Monette trumpet is one of the most highly regarded of all horns and a huge favorite among innumerable trumpeters. There are many brands of horns but the Monette trumpet has managed to carve out a niche for itself. There is no debate that Monette trumpet mouthpieces are the best and no brand stands any chance of even a remote comparison with the quality and efficacy of the mouthpieces.

There is, however, some debate as to whether the Monette trumpet is the absolute best trumpet and if it justifies its price tag. Monette trumpets range from $10,000 to $20,000, whereas as other professional trumpets are a fraction of the cost ( list 5 pro horns for less than $2,500!)

An honest opinion about Monette trumpet is that it is expensive. Not many trumpeters, aspirants or veterans, would be able to afford it but that doesn’t change the fact that Monette is a brand that doesn’t actually have a challenger.

Monette trumpets are custom built for each client and take an average of 150 man-hours to produce. The demand for Monette trumpets is so high that there is a waiting list of over a year to get one!

The primary reason why a Monette trumpet is so expensive is because of its ability to produce amazing sound. The quality of music that Monette helps you to produce is unparalleled. The intonation, clarity, brightness and the sustainability of the notes one can play on a Monette trumpet is better than most other brands. Many people wonder if the Bach Stradivarius is comparable to a Monette, but those who have played both a Bach Strad and a Monette trumpet would tell you that the latter is better. But is it worth paying 5 to 10 times as much?

Bach is a great brand and they seldom pose any problems but once you try a Monette trumpet then a Bach Stradivarius won’t impress you. Many trumpeters who have switched from Bach to Monette report having better intonation, tune and stronger endurance levels. The consistency of the central pitch of Monette mouthpieces is also a major factor. The Monette also comes in various sizes and shapes which fit almost anyone.

The maker of Monette trumpet and its mouthpieces, David G Monette had envisioned creating a trumpet that produces the perfect sound, which in his words was music that wouldn’t get in the way of a musician’s connection with the audience. Whether or not that vision has been realized cannot be inferred but the Monette trumpet produces a quality of sound that other brands can only, for now, aspire to.

Here’s David Monette to tell us a little bit more about Monette mouthpieces and trumpets during a shop tour…

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